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Power Hour Strategy Session (preliminary research included) 90mins

Power Hour Strategy Session (preliminary research included) 90mins

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At Shimeji Creatives we offer a range of consultations for entrepreneurs and brands tailored to your business and project. We have 15 years of experience in Branding, Design, Storytelling, and Communication & Marketing and are experts in what we do, just like you are the expert in your business area.

Our consultations are for every step of the business journey, no matter if you are just starting out, or have been doing what you are doing for a while. 

Signing up is simple:

Step1; You book the consultation and let us know a preferred time
Step 2: We do the preliminary research on your brand/project and market (all your information is kept 100 % confidential)
Step 3: Together we have a 90minute Skype consultation (if you are based in London we can meet face to face)
Step: 4: We send you our report in 24 hours

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