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Art Direction & Brand Experience Design

Furniture retailer Mobilgarden Living approached us in 2019 to rethink their yearly product catalogue for the company's 30th anniversary.

Mobilgarden supplies upscale hospitality and leisure venues as well as B2C consumers with a range of carefully selected high-quality outdoor furniture. Mobilgarden chooses every catalogue product, focusing on quality and product longevity, believing in sustainable design that lasts.

The Mobilgarden in-house team provides state-of-the-art maintenance and exceptional repair services, limiting product wear and minimising furniture waste.



Art Direction


Website Narrative



sustainable furniture catalogue - made in italy

As part of the brand’s sustainability mission, the brief was to design and print a promotional product minimising its impact on the environment. The yearly product catalogue goes to hundreds of hospitality businesses and architects.

Innovative approaches mixed with a focus on traditional materials are the new credo for modern outdoor design.

Guiding the Mobilgarden audience towards responsible choices, the products we included were environmentally sensitive brands offering from circular materials to natural fabrics in a range of options with a minimal negative impact on the environment. 


Shimeji Creatives collaborates with brands and organisations in search of more sustainable marketing solutions.

We produce creative ideas and environmentally friendly promotional alternatives for conscious brands.


The printing of the catalogue itself followed the same strategy. We identified paper with a development-process that uses considerably fewer chemicals and much less water, while still offering an excellent image quality. Gone was the previously glossy catalogue cover and we introduced a much more environmentally friendly solution.

B2B furniture product catalogue made in italy

Sustainability in design

B2C furniture brands like IKEA are stepping away from product catalogues. A yearly catalogue remains however an important

promotional instrument for high-end furniture retailers in the B2B sector.


A well-designed product catalogue offers consistent brand exposure in the form of a physical object usually kept on a table or desk, to be readily available and accessible.

Shimeji Creatives designed the catalogue with a deep understanding of the audience and strong commitment to the brand.

A clear and modern layout is essential for an outcome that needs to be

both intuitively designed and a pleasure to look at, in all its elements.

Smart Outdoor Living

Smart Outdoor Living (SOL) is the Mobilgarden brand for its exclusive product line in partnership with carefully selected suppliers. Only the best quality and design can become a member of the SOL product family.

Targeting an audience of architects, interior designers and luxury hotel owners, Mobilgarden approached us to design and develop an online residence for the SOL brand.


Our digital catalogue turned website highlights the design and quality of each product in text and image. All copywriting is faithful to the SOL brand narrative of luxury lifestyle and exclusivity.


Full-screen visuals design and easy navigation present a pleasant and engaging user experience on both desktop and mobile.


The website successfully presents award-winning design to a targeted audience of experts.

SOL Website Pt 1- clip2.gif
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