Brand Stories

Creative Illustration and Design Series for Lifestyle Brand

Photographs and in particular stock photographs are the most commonly used visual element in promotional material for beauty Salons. The sense of déjà vu you get when looking at the same stock photo on different promotional material doesn’t only apply to beauty salons but it can happen across the entire lifestyle sector.

Original illustrations combined with creative design on the other hand are unexpected and catch the eye, making your business stand out from the crowd, as was the case for Eden Beauty Spa.

When we started Shimeji Creatives almost three years ago, Eden Beauty Spa came on board as a client for a visual identity. The owner’s vision was clear: “I want something fun and not corporate”.

We combined Illustration and Creative Design to create a Logo and Visual identity that would make Eden stand out from a busy high street and a fierce competition. The client loved the design and we loved it too.

The promotional poster series featured has been an opportunity to rethink the visual identity every month by remaining true to the original design and adapting the combination of illustration and creative design everyone loved three years ago.

Our promotions were influenced by the service advertised and the season of the year without losing the original fun and un-corporate vision for the brand.

All Illustrations by Shimeji Creatives Ltd.