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Know the five key elements of your kickstarter and crowdfunding story

Kickstarter defines a project as having “a clear goal” that “will eventually be completed, and something will be produced it”. The Kickstarter Staff is always on the lookout for unique projects to select as staff picks, and state that the way you tell your story through your project page has an important a role in which projects they decide to feature.

Defining the Five Key elements of your Kickstarter and Crowdfunding Story , we look at the five Ws. What works for journalism and police investigations, will work for your Kickstarter Storytelling. Every element of your five Ws will need to be evident and clear, throughout the storytelling of your project page or pitch.


Giving your project a human face and showing the people behind the idea, is always a good idea, especially when you are running your first campaign. Introduce yourself, your team and show your expertise.


Describe what you are planning to make. The more details the better. Think how would you describe your project to a friend, then go out describe it to ten friends to get their feedback. Address all their questions on the page and if you have sketches, samples, prototypes show them.


Explain the timeline. Share with people your process so far, from idea to now, and share what you have planned once you have the funds. Setting out a clear and specific timeline shows potential backers what they can expect.


Where was your idea born? Could you be building a community around your local audience? Or tell an interesting connection with a particular place? And if you are shipping products and rewards to your audience, it doesn’t hurt to be transparent and share where they will be made and shipped from.


The most important W is your WHY.

You are one in a million or at least a couple of thousand Projects that will be live on Kickstarter or any Crowdfunding Platform at the same time. Make people understand why you are passionate about the idea and why others should be passionate about it as well and support it financially.

Not sure your project is clear enough on all five Ws? Ask a couple of people to have a look at your page or pitch and then go ahead and "interrogate" them… WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and especially WHY? And while you are asking, check that HOW your product and project works is also very clear to them.