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Naming is an art that can make or break a company, product or service. The name alone might not make the business, but it will be an important element to its success. At Shimeji Creatives we create imaginative names as result of value research and strategic thinking. Names that satisfy the emotional and practical requirements for your brand or product and shape the trajectory of your business.


Research is where it all begins. Our organic and visual research into company, industry, market, competitors, product, brand elements and values will go deep. We will use a multidisciplinary approach to identify a direction on the right strategy for the naming process.

Strategically brand and product names fall into two categories, descriptive and abstract. Descriptive names make a direct reference to your product, industry or the experience you deliver. Most printing companies for examples have a reference to print in their name from Vistaprint to Solopress to ProntaPrint and so do many Airlines like British Airways.

An abstract name on the other hand can be the empty vessel you build your brand name and story on. And if you are successful enough your abstract brand name will turn into an icon like Apple or Coca Cola.

A good brand name will need to have the following five elements:

Distinctive: How does the name stand out amongst the competition?
Sound: Say the name out loud. How does it sound? Is it easy to say? Is it poetic?
Memorable: Is the name easy to remember? How many times do you have to hear it before you remember it?
Expression & Feeling: Does the name demonstrate what your brand is all about? Does it fit your brand’s personality and values
Appearance & Printability: What does the word look like in print? Does it look as good as it sounds?  

URL availability is another important element of brand success and as part of the naming process, we check for available URLs. We will also verify if your name and identity can be trademarked and collaborate with specialists to ensure all the right steps are taken to protect your new name and identity once created.

Our own name Shimeji Creatives is based on the Shimeji Mushroom, with its defining characteristic of individual little mushrooms growing together from a strong trunk. We romance around the idea of the Shimeji mushroom as symbol of the society and its network of communication, how ideally we can grow strong in a crowded space, listen to other voices and allow each other to be unique.

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Our Naming services include:
Company naming
Product naming
Names for Services
Naming for Campaigns
Naming frameworks
Competitor and linguistic research
Domain research
Visual research and visual identity