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Welcome to Impact Consulting Psychology. We apply the principles of occupational psychology to the world of business. We specialize in Developing Organizations and Change Leadership. We Help Individuals, Teams and Organizations realize their full potential.

As part of their business consulting Shimeji Creatives has partnered with experts in the field of psychology to help companies of all sizes grow through ad-hoc analysis and training for management and staff.

Implementing and maintaining open channel of communication for all employees will be a key element of our strategy and continuous growth  analysis combined with relevant training tailored to your business.

Satisfied customers are the result of a series of activities gone right. Every element of customer interaction whether it happens directly (for example in person, on your website) or indirectly (via  a third party blog, magazine, or fellow customer etc.) becomes part of your customer’s story with your brand.

Understanding and analyzing all elements of customer interaction with your brand are an important step in identifying gaps and areas of improvement, necessary to raise the bar, set better standards for customer service and make sure these principles  are implemented and applied continuously.