Brand Stories

Adventures with Clients Ep 1


Shimeji Creatives has recently welcomed Kensington SkinCare to its client fold. Providing a 360 degree consultation has always been a core objective of the agency, as well as to build fruitful continuous client relationships and help businesses grow and prosper.

Initial priority  was the website project, which had previously been commissioned to a third party but since been on hold for months. Shimeji Creatives liaised between the third party provider and the client and contributed photographic content and copywriting services, key elements to finalizing the project.

The agency also presented a multi-platform Review analysis to the client, identifying key areas of improvement as providing valuable feedback to management and staff.

Social media Management and Content Marketing campaigns are currently ongoing while Shimeji Creatives has also been advising on beauty brands and products to introduce to the salon.

Kensington SkinCare founder Ada Gartenmann listed staff engagement and customer services as areas of improvement and the agency is developing a staff engagement inventive as well as customer service training, soon to be rolled out. Meetings with the staff have provided valuable insight and feedback and will be held weekly to promote communication between management and staff as well as further driving the customer experience.

As an established business and a founder with over 15 years of experience, Kensington SkinCare has been building a database of customers with vast potential for customer retention and direct marketing campaigns, planned for the summer months.