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Postille Workshops: Human Connection vs Urban Workstyle

How can co-working become a more connective experience?

Co-working is the defining urban work-style of the 21st Century. Its inherent characteristic of a shared workplace but independent activity has over time developed more into a busy workplace, and less into a connective experience.        

Our workshops aim to build a community allowing for human connection that goes beyond the professional onto a more personal level, revolutionizing the current “side by side and minimal interaction” work environment.

We step away from traditional networking and sales focused events to concentrate on real human interaction. Participants leave their business cards at the door for a morning or evening in a relaxed space.

Our goal is to create a comfort zone that adapts to its humans and encourages interactions around themes that can go from shared experiences like struggles with clients, daily frustrations, the difficulty to connect with people in a place like London and more. We encourage to step away from the daily grind and recharge by putting yourself at play in conversation, games, role-plays, problem-solving exercises and more with others.

We want you to take away personal enrichment that goes from a personal level into your daily professional life. Discover possibilities of collaboration with your co-workers by allowing in a new approach to your daily habitat, the co-working space and connection that goes beyond a two minute conversation and sharing a business card.