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We love a good idea. And good ideas rely on good stories to connect. We collaborate with startups at different stages throughout their journey and create a tailored program in dedicated strong collaboration with the starter uppers.

Our recent collaboration with tech startup Beoof began at the very origins, when the project was simply a good idea on paper in need of love and support to grow into something real. So we began with giving the concept name and (visual) identity, thereby establishing the Beoof brand. A strong identity is the stepping stone in building and growing your network of connections, essential to the success of your project.

Storytelling is part of every aspect of your communication from the business plan, to the investor pitch, the crowdfunding  video and your daily interactions with potential collaborators, clients and investors.

A good story relies on character, content and structure to explore emotions and to create an engaging experience. Our script for the Beoof crowd-funding video shows the emotional connection behind the app idea via a compelling character so to foster a connection between the app and its potential users as well as between the community of app users. Once we complete the shoot and editing of the video, our content will enable Beeof to move to the funding phase.

Our team of collaborators and consultants shows a broader view. Our resident psychologist and user experience expert Martina Corvi is consulting on user motivations and behaviours to establish key elements of the user path, essential to the app development.

As the project is moving forward we are excited about the journey ahead

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