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Shimeji Creatives Brand story: A London Restaurant

At Shimeji Creatives we establish successful Partnerships with Restaurants and Foodbusinessses to help them grow in a crowded marketplace. During the initial consultation we talk about the Restaurants vision and identity, discuss, ideas and unique selling points and set priorities for the initial three months.

Our London based Restaurant client identified a Menu Redesign and Update as one of their first priorities, and we were already thinking ahead to the Social Media Strategy. We redesigned the Menu adding the key social media information to the footer to encourage customer social media posts and reviews suggesting hashtags and reminding of the correct account name.

People love food, and social media needs to be part of the strategy to promote your Restaurant and Food business to the bustling London Food scene. A productive social media profile showcases food, lifestyle and images of the team giving current and potential customers an idea of what to expect.

Often times customers publish  content on their profile that they are happy to have shared on the Restaurant profile, allowing for original content created in a few clicks, as has been the case for our client with Food bloggers and local VIPs visiting the Restaurant. Managing social media in collaboration for with the restaurant as well as our ongoing Reputation and Review check allow you the peace of mind that the quality of your content is consistent, the right hashtags guarantee maximum exposure and that reviews are handle in a professional and efficent manner.

When establishing a Social Media Profile for a Food Business our main goals are to:

  • provide our client with an unique voice and vision in crowded marketplace with distinctive written and visual content

  • keep the content fresh and relevant maintainig high standards of quality

  • build and grow collaborations with Foodbloggers and Influencers

To build and grow a community of actual clients and not only virtual followers we engage the audience in an ongoing conversation by:

  • asking questions

  • soliciting customer opinions about the Restaurant (new menu, dishes, cocktails etc.)

  • incorporate user generate content that has been tagged and or/hashtagged

  • events, contest, polls and more

For our client we had also identified delivery platforms as key part of a sustainable business model for this restaurant, especially looking at the winter months when the outdoor space can be used only in limited capacity. The central location allows for a high customer base potential in the area and a dedicated delivery menu will offer high end cuisine to locals. In addition to the potential revenue, platforms such as Deliveroo allow you to get your name and food out there in the local area.

At Shimeji Creatives we design digital and print advertising and manage and target campaigns on Social Media like Facebook and Instagram or directories like Google, creating content that remains true to the Restaurants vision and visual.

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