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Urban Spaces: House of Vans

For our new Series Urban Spaces we are looking at spaces that define a City.

House of Vans below Waterloo Station embodies the spirit of regeneration of an urban space. 30,000 square feet transformed into a creative outlet from an art gallery, a VansLab artist incubator space, cinema, live music venue, premium café and bars, gifting suite and skater built and designed concrete bowl, mini ramp and street course.

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It offers a home to skaters of all ages and showcases street cutulre and fashion while offering a platform for local communities to experience and engage. Inspired by neon lights, Americana and rugged skate environments the “Vans”  brand and its history can be found all around the space but without taking over leaving room enough for the concrete and brickwall to breathe and this urban space to live.

House of Vans comprises five tunnels with their individual sense of purpose. The first tunnel is the art gallery, presenting a new and free shwo every eight weeks. The second tunnel houses the cinema screening room and the VansLab artist studios. The third tunnel houses the main bar and an 850 capacity music venue. Tunnel four houses the deep concrete bowl for pool-style skateboarding as well as  the Wall SE1 Cafe. Tunnel 5 houses the second skating area with a perfectly sized concrete mini ramp and street area.

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Between the 26th of  January and 12th of February 2017 House of Vans hosted Open Plan an immersive, engaging exhibition showcasing a collection of contemporary artists exploring space, architecture and site-specific installations through painting and sculpture. The exhibtion included wors by Kris Lock, Tom Penney, Melloney Harvey, Josh Philpot, Bethan Wilkins and Paulo Sousa.

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Works by Josh Philpot

Works by Josh Philpot

Josh Philpott – Tired

Josh Philpott – Tired

Josh Phillpott’s works relies on a variety of recognised objects associated with skateboard culture while Tom Penney’s paintings explore the environments we inhabit using architectural structures

For more information about the Exhibition visit here