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Experience reimagined

Experience reimagined – How to establish a meaningful connection with your audience 

Kick ass brand experience events engage your customer to experience your brand and allow for a lasting and meaningful connection with your product. But how do you create the unique experience that is right for your brand? How do you establish a real connection with your audience and customer?

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Postille Workshops: Human Connection vs Urban Workstyle

How can co-working become a more connective experience?

Co-working is the defining urban work-style of the 21st Century. Its inherent characteristic of a shared workplace but independent activity has over time developed more into a busy workplace, and less into a connective experience.        

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Speciality & Fine Food Fair 2016

Over 37 countries from all around the world are represented at the Speciality & Fine Food Fair and the Chocolate Fair 2016 at Olympia Exhibition Centre from September 4th to September 6th 2016. The SFFF16 includes 850 stands across 4,500 square meters of exhibition space …

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