Brand Engagement

We are Shimeji Creatives and are introducing a new and exciting way to engage staff and management of your organization: Brand Engagement Workshops around your own brand.

At Shimeji Creatives we want to inspire and engage your team around your brand. We have developed a Brand Engagement Training with the specific goal to increase engagement around the company's mission and values by working with its creative materials, from the brand outline to advertising material.

Engaging employees around your brand materials, not only creates a deeper understanding of the company values and mission, but it will also  has a positive impact on the level of engagement of staff members, from their contribution as individuals to their accomplishments as part of their team as well as to the overall the achievement of company goals and KPIs.

We tailor the brand engagement training, not only to your brand but also to your specific team and its role and level in the organization, allowing us to target the KPIs outlined during the training consultation and building brand buy-in on all levels.

Each session will also be an opportunity to gather Feedback & Recommendations from employees, to be conveyed in our final report.

What makes us different?

Our creative training session engage your staff around our area of expertise. 

Participants take away a better knowledge of your brand and an improved understanding of how their role fits into the company's mission. Participants will also gain insight in creative brand analysis and the understanding how the companies output fits its visual identity.

Our Team:

Creative Director Carlotta Corvi’s expertise lies in the development of visual narratives and the creation and analysis of creative content. She is a keen storyteller with an expertise in visual and written contet.

Communication Director Simone Eder expertise lies in analysing brand material as it is communicated internally and externally.

Artistic Director Veronica Romitelli is an artist, photographer, designer and her expertise lies in the analysis of visual material and its impact for a brand.

Chiara Bongiovanni has eight years of experience leading and developing experiential workshops for the ISTUD Foundation in collaboration with the Italian National Health Institute and has over 10 years of experience in corporate training.

Psychologist consultant Martina Corvi supports the development and the reporting phase of our training.

Our pricing proposal:

Pre workshop:

  • Planning and development of a training program tailored to your brand and organization. (the training program can be rolled out to all levels of the organization)             


  • 1 x 3,5 hour workshop session for up to 15 participants.     
  • 2 x 3,5  hour workshop sessions for up to 15 participants held consecutively on the same day. £1.000

Follow up:

Written feedback report included.                                                                                                                      
In-house training feedback also available (price tbc)                                                                                        

*Prices valid for consultations booked until May 31st 2018

Feel free to get in touch for further queries and call us on 0789/6504114 or email us on to book your brand training consultation.