Storytelling Coaching

Is storytelling coaching right for you?

Storytelling is a magical and powerful craft with ancient traditions and modern applications, that allow your brand to reveal, transform and connect.

Our storytelling coaching program dynamically unleashes business growth through functional storytelling.

From brands re-evaluating your current direction, enterpreneurs in need of kick starter funding for a new project or  Organizations going through a period of change, business ventures arrive at inevitable moments of truth on their business journey. 

Whether you are interested in a one off storytelling consultation or a months long programme, we are passionate for individual story chronicles and believe in a collaborative process that digs below the surface.

Our storytelling coaching empowers your narrative and our perspective frames the results.

The collaboration with British Swimwear brand "Mermaid In England" developed from the need to launch a fundraising project for the new collection and  kicked off with the review of current narrative and content across all platforms and an analysis of key storytelling aspects. 

Since Mermaid in England have chosen a 3 month long program we include a weekly 1 hour coaching call to review the progress of the storytelling project, plans and next steps in the narrative.

We quickly identified the need to re-frame the brand story, as a new direction has emerged. The focus our our programme is re-elaborating the story from the ground up and applying the new narrative across all visual and written content. From empowering photoshoots to swimwear for real women, exciting times lie ahead for the brand and for our collaboration.

Shimeji Creatives