Renegade Craft Fair London

The Renegade Craft Fair launched in 2003 in Chicago with the mission to showcase the best of independent makers and their craft.12 years later in 2015, the 19 events organized attracted over 325,000 attendees across 8 cities.

The very first Spring Edition of the UK event took place on April 11th and 12th at the Old Truman Brewery in Brick Lane and showcased an outstanding selection of handmade goods from over 100 makers.


We were particularly impressed by the creativity and skill shown by quite a few makers and their booths. Long gone are the times of a simple table with the products laid out. The makers have moved on to a visual communication aimed to create a lasting first impression.

BBHHLDN Art and Design Product recreated a black work bench while Forest and Found used their woodworking skills to build a both that framed themselves and their products. Stolenform used wooden shelves and cardboard boxes to recreate a shop like atmosphere while concrete jungles used grey shelves and paper wall to mimic concrete. Grain and Knot showcased her wooden goods on a black background, similar to her instagram and the Rag Rug Workshops mixed wood and colour. Clare Nicolson and Heyjennyjenny set their space up with wooden panels recreating an art exhibition. Eastwickshop on the other hand left their candles speak for themselves.

The fair proved to be quite inspirational from a Visual Communication standpoint and we cannot wait to see what the makers will come up with to showcase their handmade goodies for the next time it is in town.


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