Martina…and her smart approach against gluten

In occasion of Celiac Awareness Week, we at ShimejiCreatives wanted to approach celiac disease and its day to day challenges through a series of short interviews with Martina, student of clinical psychology at the University Vita-Salute San Raffaele in Milan.


We asked Martina, diagnosed with coeliac disease 10 years ago, to tell us how she lives with her diagnosis in a serene manner. She doesn’t let the condition impact her lifestyle or put limits on her social life, and with certain precautions, Martina still manages to follow her gluten free diet at all times.

Martina, an active and hard-headed young woman, has always approached coeliac disease by being proactive and organized, she loves travelling and going out with friends.  She lets us know, that her dietary regime needs slight precautions and cannot be taken lightly by her friends and the people she meets.

Coeliac disease doesn’t have to stop one from living a normal life, a positive attitude and a smart approach are needed first of all. Martina doesn’t feel the need for self-pity or to be a burden to her family and friends.

After all it is a future psychologist we are talking to!

Martina, a resident student in Milan, talks about life with her flatmates, how she organizes her home and how she plans for a full day at University. She will talk about her travels and how she managers her diet abroad, her experiences at restaurants and even her culinary experiments with gluten free cuisine.

Follow Martina, 25, and her adventures over the next days on our blog.

Report by Carlotta Corvi and Simone Eder with the kind participation of Martina Corvi

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