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Drug Education Design

At Shimeji Creatives we may adopt a collaborative design approach in educational settings. Collaborative Design involves learning activities organised around the methodical and intentional pursuit of knowledge creation by constructing design artefacts.

Students are guided to work with their educators in workshops on presenting

ideas and design concepts. In researching and writing about alcohol and drugs like cannabis, MDMA, ketamine, cocaine the students affirm a fact based approach.


Art Direction

Collaborative Design

Educational Design


Forma Futura (Soc.Cons.R.L.)



Drug Education Campaign Design

Drug Education Design

FORMA FUTURO has been helping young people build a future with

education since 1966.


The educational institution specialises in vocational training for a successful introduction into the labour market.

Drug education design, drug awareness and drug prevention mainly target an audience of teenagers and young adults. The campaigns frequently adopt a visual design with their roots in the youth culture of their time. 

The drug education pamphlets target an audience of young people, often from challenging backgrounds.

Collaborative Design

A top-down approach in communication and even design tends to hit a brick wall very quickly, which can be counterproductive, especially when relevant information needs to reach a definite, and sometimes resistant, community.


A community-led approach on the other hand proposes working collectively with the target audience. We promote engagement from members of organisations and communities.


Collaborative design workshops rely on our creative direction and strategy. Every voice is heard and no idea is a bad idea.

All stakeholders welcomed our colourful and yet realistic illustrations.

Facts over fear

Our highly visual pamphlets adopt colourful illustrations based on information from the students during the collaborative design process.


Educational institutions, religious institutions, not for profit organisations and public awareness campaigns have tried a range of approaches over the years. 

Beyond a message of "don't do drugs", we have worked with the target audience based on their lived experience, that they are likely to come in contact with drugs at some point.

Facts and education will win over fear, especially for today's audience and their access to information.


Let's Design Together

Collaborative design workshops are the starting points of our bottom-up initiatives and can be especially powerful in public and environmental communication and education.


Only by truly understanding the audience can you speak their visual and written language and know their motivations and pain-points.


Presentations with spreadsheets and scary figures about drug consumption are unlikely to work with teenagers and young adults, they speak much more to healthcare professionals. Our colourful and candid pamphlets, on the other hand, have been created with the students and for the students.

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Our Art Direction Services

Collaborative Design

If your brand or organisation would like to find out more about our collaborative design workshops and audience-driven design approach, then start a conversation.

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