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Adult Education for Women

Education brings opportunity.

Our poster campaign for Digital Women does more than convey information.

Every action in female education is a step towards change.

Large scale poster campaigns reach audiences beyond their digital skills and access. Every campaign at its core needs to meet the people where they are.


Art Direction, Educational Design, Print Campaign





Never stop learning


Under the maxim "Chi si forma, non si ferma, approximately translated to "those who continue learning won't stop" the poster campaign targeted a comprehensive audience of women in the Emilia Romagna region aiming to inspire them to take action in personal development.

The power of education

The European Social Fund helps millions of Europeans improve their lives by learning new skills and finding better jobs.

The ESF is the European Union's foremost tool for promoting employment and social inclusion, often working in partnership with educational organisations and the public sector, as is the case for Digital Women.

The educational programmes are directed at women who want to acquire digital skills to strengthen their professional profile.


Participants are equipped to make better use of the knowledge and abilities developed in prior educational paths or careers, by integrating digital skills.

The professional courses strive for a qualified insertion, reintegration and

permanence in the labour market, while supporting participants in their paths of labour mobility.

Women in Italy are historically not adequately represented in the workforce,

having one of the lowest rates of employment within the European Union.

Furthermore, in 2020 312,000 women lost their jobs compared to 132,000 men, making educational initiatives like Digital

Women ever more relevant.

Our Strategy Services

Campaign for Change

At Shimeji Creatives, we work with brands and organisations to develop

and deliver campaigns from concept to launch.  Our campaign narratives are built on words and visuals that encourage action and inspire change.

Digital Women Poster Campaign
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