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Content Marketing Narratives for a Event Start-up

Event tech startup Gigs Live, from the Greater New York Area, approached us to create a strategic brand foundation and brand narrative for their innovation platform.

Founded by two former executives from ViacomCBS, NBC, Amazon and MIT with patents in video and advertisements technology, Gigs Live combines an innovative content platform and live broadcasting to deliver virtual concerts to a global fanbase.


Brand Narrative

Website Narrative

Content Strategy

Growth Marketing 




Following a dynamic brand session with the founding team relative to their vision, goals, target audience and desired outcome, we developed a three months project plan for the brand’s marketing growth and narrative strategy.

The Project

In 2018 Gigs Live founders Ashutosh Nayak and Vaibhav Kharat began work on a virtual gig platform envisioning a future of hybrid music concerts. Travelling globally for their work in tech and broadcasting, they had met global music fan communities.


Highly passionate about their favourite artists, these fans often miss out on the opportunity to see their idols perform live.

While the global concert industry lost $30 billion in 2020, including $9.7 billion at the box office, Gigs Live perfected their platform gig after gig.

How can live gigs can be broadcast and promoted to a global audience?

The challenge was to engage fans by replicating as closely as possible the in-person concert experience, while providing artists with revenues.

At Shimeji Creatives in-depth research lays the foundation for every project while a deep

understanding of the brand and its audience informs our strategy.

Our three months of collaboration with the founding team established the brand’s

foundation across all platforms and channels, from brand narrative to tone of voice, from

pitch deck to website copywriting, and from brand strategy to a cross-platform social media presence.

The founders have since been accepted into the prestigious Y Combinator. The well-known

Silicon Valley startup incubator, which admits less than 5% of the hundreds of applicants.

Paradigms Shift

Project deliverables included but were not limited to Email Marketing Outreach Templates, SEO Analysis and Keyword Strategy, KPI Outline and Data Reporting, Content Recommendations, Event Promotions and Brand Reach, the Gigs Live Investor Pitch Deck, Audience Engagement Strategies, Social Media Content, Cross-platform Content Distribution, Hashtag Strategies, Online Content and Channel Mix and Creative Promotional Ideas on How to Increase Ticket Sales.

Shimeji Creatives supported Gigs Live in creating a modern, interactive platform solution that would appeal to artists, fans, venues and brands alike while presenting the

opportunity of virtual live gigs and showcasing the team's professionalism and expertise.

Innovation brings change

From launch to change, managing challenges as founders or leaders connects you to the narrative.

We cannot control every outside circumstance, yet we can directly impact what we make of it.

Whether your brand and organisation are launching, pivoting or rebuilding - you might not always know what you need before you get started. Our process and team will guide priorities into focus.


At Shimeji Creatives, we adapt proven methods to distinct needs.

Our dynamic client relationships and projects go beyond a one size fits all methodology in collaboration.


Curious to find out more about our three and six-month collaborations?

Get in touch now to start the conversation.

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