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Design, creative content, brand story and strategic communication.

Shimeji develops engagement narratives around your challenges and objectives, an artistic design aesthetic to communicate your vision, engage and empower  employees and business partners. 

Shimeji follows a multidimensional approach, we choose organic thinking to promote a more sustainable work environment, to prepare your soil , empower through research, training and innovation.

Shimeji connects, creates imaginative solutions to real problems from the depths of perceptions, through a new perspective, we challenge the experience  changing the forms.

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Changing the way choices are made, we create value experience through engaging content and memorable narration.

Let's imagine the user path as an adventure of discovery, with the user venturing in a digital world and the customer in the physical world. Both worlds are full of possibilities and choices and we present their story as an engaging narrative for investors, collaborators, current and future customers.

Let us visualize your costumer journey, to communicate your vision with imaginative and active solutions. We create experience through our projects, beautiful things that move people, using a visual language that appeals to a tailored audience.

The symbolic meanings cannot be imparted through words alone, a visual research can take on many shapes and forms. Emotion drives engagement and making the audience feel something remains key when creating influential content.

At Shimeji Creatives, each project is a process of visual communication and problem solving from concept to application. The concept drives the visual outcome, its brand guidelines and  and stands the test of time.

Shimeji Creatives offers innovative ideas and formulas to produce a wide range of quality content.


   BRAND Training



Why Shimeji?

Inspired by the  Shimeji mushroom,

The defining characteristic of the Shimeji mushroom is its individual little mushrooms growing together from a strong trunk.  Each individual string develops into an unique mushroom, while relying on the base for its strength.

We love the idea of a strain of mushrooms growing stronger together, while each single mushroom mantains their individuality. 

At Shimeji Creatives we are team of individuals with artistic, creative and storytelling background, our foundation is a shared creative vision allowing for unique viewpoints and ideas.

At Shimeji Creatives we romance around the idea of the Shimeji mushroom as symbol of the society and its network of communication, how ideally we can grow strong in a crowded space, listen to other voices and allow each other to be unique.

Let's grow together, but stay unique to keep moving.








Shimeji has developed an unique brand storytelling programs, focusing on brand awareness and employee engagement with the goal to create Brand Advocates that engage and activate for your company and employees that not only live the company values, but share them with the outside world.

Our proven training modules are based on the core principles of Brand & Employee Engagement and will be tailored to your brand and organization after an initial consultation. Individually tailored to each organization, Our visual consultant psychologists and trainers build a strategy that fits your needs. 

Our brand engagement training is part of a wider series of training modules and workshops developed in collaboration with training consultant Chiara Bongiovanni and accredited psychologist Martina Corvi, aimed to empower individuals and teams through organic thinking.

Our workshops and training modules are an extension of our way of thinking on the importance of the  human dimension. 

Focused on the individual while imagined for the team and community, we take all participants on a journey of discovery.

We believe in a fresh approach to the human dimension in co-working spaces. Our workshops encourage organic growth of the community on a foundation of trust and collaboration, allowing its members to move from working side by side to a connective experience of working together.