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Educational Crowdfunding Video Script

Melbourne based EdTech startup Language your Way approached us in

2019 to create a video script for their award-winning Educational Game ABC Quest.


Brand Narrative
Crowdfunding Campaign
Video Campaign


Language Your Way



The Project

Our sixty-second video script introduces the educational journey and technologies behind the game to an audience of preschool parents. Clear language speaks to any parent's concerns around technology.

ABC Quest provides ad-hoc reports to parents and educators informing of areas where the student may require assistance.

An expert tone of voice outlines how, in the game, parents remain in control while kids learn the alphabet with emotional intelligence and storytelling.

Know Your Humans

EdTech organisation, Language Your Way applies artificial intelligence to innovate education and create a truly personalised experience for every child.

Friendly characters and immersive games motivate pre-schoolers over 26 levels to learn the English language.

Our video script for ABC Quests invites parents to turn Playtime into Learn time.

Personalised or individualised attention to every student, can be challenging in a classroom setup where pupils outnumber teachers and educators.  

Pitch Your Story
Video scripts connect visual and written storytelling. Developing brand narratives often threads the fine line between brand vision and audience needs.
Exploring the who and why of your audience builds a more meaningful relationship.

At Shimeji Creatives, we work with purpose-driven organisations on a mission to level the playing field. Educational technology facilitates active learning, and as is the case for ABC Quest, Ed Tech can start at a young age.


Engage with video

Video is a powerful medium to pitch to the crowd. Start with yourself and your brand vision and unlock an emotional connection with your audience.


At Shimeji Creatives, we establish the narrative at the heart of the user experience. For every format, all stages and every platform. From Idea to  concept, script, creative direction and production.


Showcase your brand with complex explainer videos, engaging crowdfunding campaigns, impactful video narratives, branded video short films, online video courses, social media videos and much more.


Just speak your truth. And get it out there with video.

Get in touch now to start the conversation.

Crowdfunding Video storytelling Sript

Our Visual Storytelling Services

Educational Storytelling

At Shimeji Creatives we engage your audience with powerful visual narratives. From documentary reportages to scripted stories, from promotion to eduction, you can trust our experience to find the right visual language for your brand.

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