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Shimeji Creatives Specialize in Impact Strategies,
Creative Narratives, Design & 
Art Direction
and Experiential Content

At Shimeji Creatives, we pioneer diversity marketing and inclusive communication solutions.
Our clients are social innovators and purpose-driven businesses with a clear vision of corporate social responsibility aligned by the purpose to deliver real-world change.

We create inclusive marketing innovations for a diverse society.

in-house team


At Shimeji Creatives all creative services are completed in house. The same team remains dedicated to your project from start to finish 

Feedback Process


Our straightforward end to end processes incorporate agency updates and client feedback at every step of the way 

Editorial Creative Framework


From research to delivery, our editorial framework and internal review include the individual expertise and skills 


Email Support

We are at your side and want to hear from you. Send as many emails as you like for the duration of the project 

and Knowledge


Working with Shimeji Creatives means gaining the collective wisdom of our seasoned team for your brand and project 

Clear Timeline 
and Deliverables


We want you to know what to expect from the start. Our project outline specifies timeline and milestones 

Shimeji Creatives is a female-led creative agency
based in London and Milan

We work with a global clientele of purpose-driven brands and innovators. We empower entrepreneurs, change-makers and female founders just like us to deliver change.

We founded Shimeji Creatives over six years ago to bring together our creative strengths and experiences - and to work with brands that would share our values.

Powered by people and driven by story, 
every project and brand contributes to our understanding of how to build a better future.

Time for change. Time for Shimeji Creatives.
Let's start the conversation.


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