Our Story

We are united by the need to go below the surface and dig deeper. Our research goes beyond appearances and first impressions  and our consultations reveal more because we are passionate about individual stories. 

We are creative professionals with strong viewpoints united by a shared vision and desire to delve deep into subjects and stories, to discover and transform.

We don’t just create but transform. We connect. 



Carlotta Corvi
Creative director

My game is to capture ideas and sensibilities, to enjoy the complexity of a distortion, any portrait of a moment, ready to observe and explore stories, where the colors are emotional and evocative, where characters are real, vibrant, and textured, where in early stages of an idea, the content is still looking for a form, the right aesthetic to communicate seducing, through research and creativity.

MA in Film, Television and Multimedia
Graduate in Communication Studies,
Media and Advertising


Product Advertising ( Food - Design)
Observational Documentaries
Character Driven Narratives
Journalistic Reportages

Visual Studies, Multimedia Storytelling,  Economics of Art and Culture. 


Italian, English and French


Veronica Romitelli
Artistic director

Accademia di Belle Arti in Bologna
Facultad de Bellas Artes UCM in Madrid
Istituto Italiano di Fotografia a Milano

IDOT Design Foundation
Latveria Design
(for Henry Cotton’s Clothing Company)

As an artist :

Lastminute.bo (Roma), Isola della Poesia (Venezia), Pensiero femminile (MS), Isola altrove (Cremona), Opera al nero (Ancona), Premio Campigna (Santa Sofia, FC), Pleno Extraordinario,  (Merida, Spain), A Certain form of heaven (Potenza), Sister Morphine (Milano), Estampa (Spain), Premio Nazionale delle Arti ( Bologna), Letture in mostra (Bologna), Get your flee-flaps out! (Bologna), I want to be ( Bologna), Doppia personale-Niente di personale (Milano), 38°C-La febbre della creatività (Milano),  VideoFotografiaContemporanea (Alessandria), Lo specchio sull'acqua (Parma).


Italian, English and Spanish





Simone Eder
Communication director

I enjoy bringing my creative and analytical skills to a project and to follow it from the initial idea to the final touches.

I am keen storyteller whether it be visual or as copywriter.

London based media professional with several years' of experience in content production, web Communication and project management.

Graduate in Communication Studies
Media and Advertising
MA in Film, Television and Multimedia

Multimedia Production, Account and Project Managment, Copywriting.


German, Italian, English, French


Chiara Bongiovanni
Behavioral Training Consultant

Chiara Bongiovanni has eight years of experience leading and developing experiential workshops for the ISTUD Foundation in collaboration with the Italian National Health Institute and has over 10 years of experience in corporate training.

Her tools and methods are the result of the meeting between the fields of managerial behavioral training (effective communication, active listening, stress management, team building, professional self-orientation and storytelling), the practice of oriental disciplines aimed at wellness (zen shiatsu, meditation) and the research in the artistic and performative western fields (free improvisation, theater introduction, pilates, feldenkrais).

Her objectives are to reinforce good personal and professional practices, to disrupt bad habits, to widen visions, to refine skills, to acquire new familiarity with one's professional role and motivations, wellbeing through engagement. 


Martina Corvi
Clinical Phychologist Consultant

member of the national board of Italian Psychologist in 2016.

After completing her Bachelor degree, Martina began her professional development in Psychology.

She assisted psychologists and  psychotherapists in supportive activities for patients with discomfort Psychic and psychiatric disorders admitted to the Intensive Care Department, and their relatives.

Martina expanded her professional experience and began cultivating an interest in training. She assisted specialists during training courses for healthcare staff.

Her Master degree course was dedicated to acquiring specific skills in assisting people by a holistic point of view, from cognitive and affective mental processes, to interpersonal relationships.

During her studies Martina also attends dedicated extracurricular courses in the field of selection and training of staff.