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Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Through Education

Registered nonprofit organisation Change Agent Network connects underserved Liberian communities with global and local partners to run locally sustainable schools.

The organisation approached us to create an impactful video campaign to raise funds for transporting donated school buses from the US to Liberia, as a measure to address the education crisis in the country.


Brand Narrative

Crowdfunding Strategy

Video Scriptwriting


Change Agent Network



Fundraising appeal by Change Agent Network Inc. | Animated Video based on our video script

The Campaign

The charity founded in Texas by a native of Liberia is on a mission to break the cycle of poverty through education and build a better future for Liberia.

Our campaigns raise awareness and activate audiences for people and issues from halfway around the world to the same neighbourhood.

Engage for Change

The goal of the campaign was to raise much-needed funds from a Texas and US audience for school children more than 6.000 miles away, struggling because of the country’s challenging economic outlook.

Emotional connections bridge thousands of miles and engage from human to human.

The Narrative

Our campaign narrative connected local kids to their counterparts in Liberia

in a two-minute video centred around a message of hope. The powerful visual concept could be realised, in a way  that would be both fast and effective.

Our campaigns inspire behaviours, connect people and create a positive impact.

fundrasing charity video scrip
Our Narrative and Copywriting  Services

Social Change Narratives

At Shimeji Creatives, fundraising video scripts raise awareness and inspire with purpose.  A successful video script tells a story and generates action, inthe form of making a donation or volunteering.

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