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power of data and direct the brand strategy

Whether a brand is just at the beginning or experiencing a period of change, a brand strategy built on data identifies a direction and helps to navigate essential next steps. There is no need to venture into the unknown. Brand data can illuminate hidden patterns of customer sentiment and lead the way creatively and strategically.

Brands and businesses live in an environment of constant flux. Industries change and evolve. Trends come and go. A solid brand strategy and foundation, however, is here to stay.

brand data and new directions

As part of a recent brand audit project, we surveyed 5,000 consumers and stakeholders to understand their feelings towards the brand after twenty years in operation — a lifetime for a brand on the web. New data is better than old data and forging a new path forward takes courage too.

Welcoming an outside perspective helps to overcome biases and expectations.

Reviewing any available data is just the starting point - to truly gain a fresh perspective on the brand a new dataset is needed.

Qualitative research informs the language, tone and priorities of the quantitative research. One-to-one interviews or small group interviews set the foundation. It will, however, be up to the voices of the many and not the few to guide a new direction.

give your brand audience a voice

Working with clients across a wide range of sectors, we’ve learned a lot about how to strike the necessary balance between brand vision and audience expectation. Strategic insights and creative thinking guide our brand audit process beyond mere brand data collection.

Furthermore, facilitated by our strategic collaboration with our consultant psychologists, every quantitative survey question is carefully evaluated to meet the expectations of the team while providing a deeper understanding of consumer brand sentiment. Knowing what an audience values and how a brand is perceived empowers teams to manage challenges and change.

Launch, re-launch or pivot?

Whatever the next step may be, taking it in a clear direction will make all the difference.

brand strategy leads a clear path forward

Brand loyalty is a valuable asset. Providing consumers with long-term value and the best possible experiences is certainly important. Navigating changing times with a solid brand core can drive strategic decision-making based on consumer perception supported by data.

Knowing how an audience thinks and feel about a brand is just the beginning. A clear path forward needs direction .

A brand strategy supported by data is here to help.

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