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Building a Brand for a Green-Tech Startup

Recently named one of the Best Startups Innovating in the Green Tech Space

(by Startupill and Welp Magazine), the founding team of Monophases approached us at the very beginning of their startup venture.

Before the brand, there was an idea. Before the name, there was a concept.

Trading innovations and data science meet the thousands of years old hemp

industry, rediscovered in connection with sustainability.



Brand Naming 

Branding & Creative Strategy

Art Direction

Product Photography






The Project

When the founding team approached us to develop a name and brand for their startup from the ground up, we kickstarted the project with our exclusive Brand Naming Workshop.

A brand name can make or break a company, product or service.

At Shimeji Creatives, we devise unique, strategic and memorable brand names faithful to the startup's vision.

Brand names have the potential to shape the trajectory of your business.

Monophases is a single entity expressing continuous dynamism in the production and research of new materials and territories.

The Monophases' brand steps away from traditional hemp and cannabis branding in search of a new aesthetic. Data-driven and sustainability focused, the startup’s brand demanded a minimalistic and casual elegance.

Art Direction

The artistic direction for the product photography of the first Monophases'

line, presented the CBD buds in a stylish setting envisioned as luxury

still life objects.

Shimeji Creatives, continues to collaborate with Monophases after a successful launch, supporting the expansion of the startup's B2B trading partnerships and data-driven analytics platform.

cbd bud flowers still life product photography

Visual Storytelling

Draw your audience in with the perfect image.

Showcase your talent and make photography part of your visual narrative. 


Transcend the product and convey your message.

Startups and small businesses can compete with a compelling visual narrative that tells their story through images with conviction.


Photography must be aesthetically strong and emotionally powerful to elevate your brand above others.


Advance the conversation with photography as your form of communication. You can inspire with the power of still images - in a single frame.

cbd bud flowers still life product photography
Our Art Direction Services

Still Life Photography

Art direction in photography focuses on the bigger picture.

CBD buds are elements of nature. Redefined in their value and purpose when presented in a still life setting.

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