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Brand Narrative & Website Copywriting

from unused land to opportunity

The 2009 housing and financial crisis provoked the default of many SME developers, consolidating a big

chunk of the market between a few large companies. Meanwhile, a recent study estimates that the UK has

built 1.2 million fewer homes than needed. The demand for more homes is, however, increasing.

When the UK PropTech startup BOOM! approached us to develop a new website narrative, we were excited

to collaborate with a brand on a mission to address the housing challenge with a technology-driven

marketplace and sustainable and digital innovation.

The BOOM! marketplace brings together property owners sitting on small parcels of land unpopular with

large developers and SME developers who do not have time or then means to find those opportunities.

The BOOM! developer toolkit enables current and potential SME developers to transition to a digital

approach for development and construction delivery.



Brand Narrative

Content Strategy

SEO Copywriting



Opportunity can start small

Small plots of land are undervalued opportunities. BOOM! addresses the housing crisis through market


Our collaboration with the founding team started with a dynamic brand session. We identified vision, goals, target audience and  the desired outcome and presented the client with our proposal for the BOOM! narrative and project.

We advised BOOM! on the opportunity to build a narrative focused on the need for change in this sector while educating the public about sustainable solutions for housing and development.

Delivering the user journey


When the PropTech startup approached us, their website was not converting visitors to platform signups. The startup had validated market need, and potential customers showed interest. However, the results did not meet expectations.

The new website needs to speak to three groups of users with distinct needs and priorities: landowners,

developers and purchasers. Content structure and copywriting must work for all.

Each visitor journey, however, had to be tailored to the user group and their user personas.

Research informs strategy


At Shimeji Creatives in-depth research sets the foundation for every project. Only a deep understanding of the client and its brand, audience, market and competitors can inform our strategy.

We created and shaped the BOOM! user personas, envisioning a website that would work for all and convert visitors to signups. The brand tone of voice matured throughout this process.

The website outline served as a framework for structure, content and copywriting.

Creating educational pieces of content and advising on the platform re-launch was the final piece of the project.

website brand narrative project moodbboard

Sustainable Investments

for our Future

At Shimeji Creatives, we advise startups and organisations like BOOM! on making sustainable solutions a fundamental element to their business and brand.

Every BOOM! website visitor journey can educate the user on environmentally friendly solutions from adopting sustainable building materials to radical energy cost savings.

The right tone of voice allows visitors to experience and evaluate sustainable opportunities without the pressure of a morality driven or fear-based approach.

The final result is a modern, interactive solution presenting the BOOM! opportunity while showcasing professionalism and expertise.


Educational, yet inspirational the outcome inspires trust in an innovative

approach to a traditional audience.

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