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Rebranding an Online Entertainment Leader:
Shimeji Creatives' Brand Audit Expertise Unleashed

brand audit online entertainment leader


Shimeji Creatives was approached by an industry-leading online entertainment company generating over $6 million in yearly revenue and with 33.7 million website visits per month to support its rebranding efforts through our proprietary Brand Audit Process, from Brand Research to an in-depth comprehensive Competitive Analysis, Brand Strategy and Creative Direction for the internal ReBrand.

With over twenty years in the industry, the client recognized the need to refresh their brand and position themselves strategically for the next phase of their business.


The client faced a significant challenge of brand perception and an outdated logo and visual identity as well as the challenge of new market entrants with a stronger brand proposition. Limited expression of the brand's visual identity and a lack of knowledge about the brand story hindered the establishment of brand loyalty and trust.

The goal of the company rebrand was to highlight the positive brand perception, attract new creators and audiences in the entertainment marketplace, and connect with a diverse range of fans, including both loyal older fans and a young core audience under 35. 




Brand Audit


Competitive Analysis 


Brand Research & Strategy 


Creative Direction


Global Leader in Online Entertainment

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The Brand Audit Service included qualitative and quantitative brand research of 3,000 brand stakeholders, brand positioning, brand strategy, and rebrand direction. We began by conducting extensive brand research, both qualitative and quantitative, to uncover the core values of the brand and engaged the brand stakeholders in the process.


We organized the brand survey by brand areas in collaboration with our consultant psychologists to include all aspects of the brand from brand perception, to reputation, brand loyalty, competitor comparison, customer service.


The brand research confirmed the need for a rebrand within a generally positive perception of the company. We confirmed the brand's values of fun, openness, inclusivity, and authentic entertainment as key to its identity. Our team worked on defining the brand positioning, tone of voice, and creative direction for the new brand and visual identity.


We ensured that every aspect of the brand's presence, from the welcome email to large-scale billboards, reflected the brand promise of quality entertainment and audience enjoyment. The goal was to create a brand system that illuminated every touchpoint of the user journey and consistently communicated the brand's core values.

Service Overview

Shimeji Creatives collaborated closely with the client's in-house team. We worked with a core team in Marketing and Brand Management and interviewed key staff members for our Qualitative Research.


We provided guidance and support, leveraging our expertise in managing brand change and considering all future applications of the brand system. Our holistic approach ensured all rebranding efforts were aligned with the client's goals and aspirations.

The rebrand was positively received across the board and has reinvigorated brand perception, especially within a younger audience demographic. Website visitors grew 160% from 13M before the rebrand to 33.7M monthly visitors today, about one year after launch. Furthermore, the company was able to successfully retake its position as an industry leader and outgrow its largest competitor.


The brand identity and visual system effectively connected with audiences, attracting existing and new fans. By aligning the brand with its core values and positioning it strategically, we helped the client establish a strong brand presence, build brand loyalty, and navigate the evolving landscape of the entertainment industry.

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