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Areas of Expertise

We bring our innovative touch to every project, proving that nothing is impossible.

Our promise is to guide clients with both compassion and accountability - envisioning campaigns that leverage their reach and voice to foster unity, empowerment and equality.

Our writing balances purpose and impact messaging smoothly with commercial viability for mainstream audiences. We continually optimize content based on performance data insights

Narrative Strategy 

We craft captivating narratives and story architecture to shape emotional customer journeys and empower marketing messages. Through revelation, imagination and composition, we strategically craft branded narratives that form primal connections on emotional and psychological levels.

We help brands build authentic connections by creating purposeful content that drives action. Our promise is to guide clients with both compassion and accountability - envisioning campaigns that leverage their reach and voice to foster unity, empowerment and equality.

Brand Audit

A brand audit evaluates and enhances a company's branding, positioning and messaging. We conduct in-depth brand check-ups to uncover how your brand truly resonates in the marketplace - assessing perceptions, touch points and growth opportunities through a strategic lens.

Brand Design 

Good design starts with empathy and truly understanding who will be using your product/service and what problem it needs to solve for them. We think beyond surface-level or individual instances to wide effects.

Creative Direction

We distill brand essence into aesthetics. Whether you have an upcoming campaign, publication, identity redesign or environment design, our creative direction brings compelling concepts to life by leading photoshoots, illustrations, animations and video productions start-to-finish. 


Purpose-driven brands require authentic, heart-centered copywriting.The copy itself invites audiences into new ways forward through compassionate, ethical paradigms. Exploring subjects like equity, regeneration, unity and more with openness vs assumptions.


At Shimeji Creatives we produce online courses and e-learning experiences for businesses and brands. Our production services offer the development of high-quality e-learning experiences, from project planning to e-learning design, online course scriptwriting, professional photography and video production, launch strategy and online course marketing. 

Visual Storytelling
& Scriptwriting

We help our clients find and shape their most powerful stories - transforming purpose into emotionally-resonant films that captivate viewers. Going beyond static corporate videos, we create mini-films people relate to - building empathy and desire for your solutions.

Our scripts bring brand stories to life with emotion and movement. 

Video Production

We listen closely to understand your unique needs, audiences and messaging to develop creative concepts that connect. From social videos to robust marketing campaigns, our 360 video production services deliver polished and impactful assets to grow your brand.


Engaging, sharable videos that inform, excite and inspire action.


Brand Design Identity
Beauty & Wellness

At Shimeji Creatives, we believe that authenticity and inclusivity in branding and marketing starts with a thoughtful, collaborative process.

Our original illustrations and adopted a creative design approach has recently been recognised as one of the Best Beauty Logo Designs by DesignRush

Breaking Barriers
in the Fashion Industry

London based fashion startup approached Shimeji Creatives to develop the new Visual Brand Narrative. 

The research and concept outline served as a framework for the illustration design, the brand story narrative and the website refresh.The editorial team worked in parallel on the IMAG brand story narrative.

Brand Audit
for a Global Entertainment Leader

Shimeji Creatives conducted comprehensive brand research involving 3,000 stakeholders, revealing key insights into the brand's perception, values, and competitive standing.

Campaign Narrative Strategy

Shimeji Creatives led the Kintaro Italy Tour Brand Campaign, directing its narrative from conception to execution. Our responsibilities included the copywriting of the Campaign Landing page, devising a comprehensive content strategy for the Social Media Campaign, and curating captivating copy for various social media posts as well as the Campaign Newsletters.

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