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Meet Shimeji Creatives

Shimeji Creatives is an independent creative and strategy agency based in London. We work across cultures and time zones with a global clientele of brands and organisations on a mission to create a positive impact.


Inclusive storytelling can be a powerful tool to connect with diverse audiences, challenge stereotypes, and foster a more equitable society


We connect brands and audiences with creativity and strategy moved by curious empathy. Led by a multi-disciplinary team and the power of ideas we help brands communicate, activate and grow.

Together we can meet the future with distinctive energy and diverse expertise for brand moments that last. 

Let’s challenge the norm and work to change the game.

We create culturally nuanced brand storytelling, innovative brand narratives, and ethical marketing campaigns.

inclusive illustration women in business

What We Value

We believe in the positive impact of our work and are committed to being environmentally conscious while supporting our clients to do the same. Our approach is transparent and collaborative.


We are driven by the emotionally-aware principles of inclusive communication.

We understand that every project and client is unique.


Research and insights are our starting point - as we help brands and organisations articulate their purpose and maximise their impact with strategy, design,  storytelling, and production.


We challenge what is with diverse perspectives and an open mind.


values inclusivity equity transparency change


in-house team

At Shimeji Creatives all creative services are completed in house. The same team remains dedicated to your project from start to finish 


Editorial Creative


From research to delivery, our editorial framework and internal review include the individual expertise and skills


Growth & Expertise
and Knowledge 

Working with Shimeji Creatives means gaining the collective wisdom of our seasoned team for your brand and project 


Feedback Process

Our straightforward end to end processes incorporate agency updates and client feedback at every step of the way 


Email Support

We are at your side and want to hear from you. Send as many emails as you like for the duration of the project 


Clear Timeline 
and Deliverables

We want you to know what to expect from the start. Our project outline specifies timeline and milestones 

Our Story

At Shimeji Creatives, our mission has always been to help brands and organizations build a better future. Our founders had worked together for several years as a creative in-house team before founding Shimeji Creatives in 2015.


We have since worked with some of the most innovative brands in the world in sectors as diverse as biomedicine, agri-tech, food, energy, education, mental health, engineering, technology, entertainment, events, wellness, beauty and the third sector creating work that combines strategy, creativity and impact.


At Shimeji Creatives, we lean into the future and tell stories of change for brands, people and the planet. 

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