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Brand Design for Beauty & Wellness

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"A visual identity that is fun, not corporate and highly memorable" - This was the vision set forth by the female founder of Eden Beauty Spa, inspiring our design of their logo and brand materials with a rich, playful colour palette and original illustrations.


Standing out in a brand landscape that tends towards stock imagery and highly edited photographs, we needed a different approach.


Our original illustrations and adopted a creative design approach for a more unexpected, eye-catching presence that has recently been recognised as one of the Best Beauty Logo Designs by DesignRush.




Brand Strategy

Visual Identity

Art Direction & Illustration

Brand Packaging Design


Eden Beauty Spa

Brand Identity Design

Our collaboration with Eden Beauty Spa focused on crafting an authentic visual identity that eschewed commonly used stock images or AI-generated visuals in favour of original illustrations and creative designs.


This approach allowed us to develop a unique visual narrative that was distinctly representative of the Eden Beauty Spa brand and its story. The resulting promotional materials, including posters, brochures, and social media content, each conveyed a distinct aspect of the brand's identity and values.


The original illustrations and design elements created a sense of warmth, creativity, and approachability that resonated with the target audience.


The memorable and distinctive visual identity sets Eden Beauty Spa apart in the crowded beauty market.

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Marketing Campaign

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Sustainable Authentic Beauty

The beauty and wellness industries have been undergoing a significant shift in consumer perception. Authentic, purpose-driven brands are gaining ground over heavily-edited imagery, and sustainable products are replacing excessive plastic packaging.


Consumers are increasingly favouring brands prioritising environmental responsibility and transparency. As a forward-thinking brand, Eden Beauty Spa embraced sustainable printing and packaging solutions to better reflect their commitment to environmental responsibility. This included the use of recyclable materials and reduced packaging waste.


By incorporating these eco-friendly practices, Eden Beauty Spa was able to align their brand image and values with the growing consumer demand for sustainable beauty products and experiences.

Achieving our client's vision of an inclusive, vibrant brand identity is highly rewarding. The beauty industry is evolving and value-driven brands are clearly resonating with consumers.


At Shimeji Creatives, we believe that authenticity and inclusivity in branding and marketing starts with a thoughtful, collaborative process. 


The online landscape has remodelled the industry.

Value-driven brands are clearly aligning with consumers.

If your brand is ready to showcase its unique strengths, let's connect. Book a discovery call with our team to explore how we can help amplify your brand story.


Inclusivity in marketing starts with a conversation.

Prioritising Inclusivity
& Representation

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The storefront design we created for Eden Beauty Spa's physical location serves as a genuine opportunity to increase brand reach and awareness, promoting the business to thousands of potential customers every day. In a competitive high street environment, standing out and capturing the attention of passersby is crucial for an independent, brick-and-mortar business.


By designing all customer-facing store components, from the window displays to the entrance, we were able to create a cohesive and visually striking brand retail presence. The use of vibrant colours, playful illustrations, and strategic placement of key brand messaging helped the Eden Beauty Spa location stand out and draw in curious customers.


This enhanced visibility and distinctive branding are essential for building brand awareness and driving foot traffic to the physical storefront.

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