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Brand Design for Beauty & Wellness

The beauty and wellness industries are experiencing a shift in perception.

Sustainable products are replacing excessive plastic, while authentic brands are gaining ground over airbrushed images.

"A visual identity that is fun and not corporate, unique and highly memorable."

The brief by the female founder of Eden Beauty Spa inspired our design of logo and brand materials mixing rich fun colours with illustrations.

The visual identity of Eden Beauty Spa has been recently recognized as one of the Best Beauty Logo Designs by DesignRush.


Brand Strategy

Visual Identity

Art Direction & Illustration

Brand Packaging Design


Eden Beauty Spa



window shop design london beauty

Brand Identity

Photographs and stock images have

long dominated promotional materials

for beauty brands.


Original illustrations combined with a creative design, on the other hand, are unexpected and catch the eye.

At Shimeji Creatives, we assist our

clients in exploring environment-friendly opportunities.

Beauty Packaging Design

The beauty and wellness industries are experiencing a shift in perception.


Sustainable products are taking the place 

of excessive plastic, whilst authentic brands are gaining ground over airbrushed images.

Salon beauty brands are growing in popularity. As a forward-thinking brand, Eden Beauty adopted sustainable printing and packaging solutions.

Storefront Design

A genuine opportunity to increase brand reach and awareness, the shop window design by Shimeji Creatives for Eden Beauty Spa promotes the business to thousands of potential customers every day.

We designed all customer-facing store components from glass to stone.

Storefront designs are a chance for independent brick and mortar locations

to stand out on the high street.

beauty wellness marketing campaign london posters gif

Marketing Campaign

Our collaboration with Eden Beauty Spa focussed on creating an authentic visual identity.


We designed promotional materials excluding commonly used stock images and adopted 

original illustrations and creative design instead.


The promotional posters enabled us to further develop the visual narrative for Eden Beauty Spa. Each advertisement was uniquely distinct and an authentic representation of the brand story.

Frutta e cosmetici
Our Brand Narratives Services

Brand Story Design

If your brand is doing something well, let everyone know.

Launch a campaign, tell your story and shout it from the rooftops.

Be more inclusive

Achieving our client's vision is highly rewarding.

Inclusivity in the beauty industry is finally evolving from appearance to substance. 


The online landscape has remodelled the industry.

Value-driven brands are clearly winning with consumers.

Inclusivity in marketing starts with a conversation.


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