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Brand Narrative for Heath-Tech

burble brand storytelling HealthTech


The client, the founder of a health-tech startup focused on a natural, ergonomic, and well designed solution, approached us to develop their brand narrative, tone of voice, and overall communication strategy.


The objective was to communicate the brand's departure from traditional technological or pharmaceutical solutions and engage with patients, healthcare professionals, and especially a wellness-focused audience to introduce a new daily wellness and hygiene habit.

The brand's future-forward approach, combining tradition with innovation, resonated, and the inclusive language used in the brand's communication helped create a sense of inclusivity and value for diverse audiences.




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HealthTech / Biomedical

burble brand narrative HealthTech
brand narrative strategy HealthTech

Bbrand Storytelling for HealthTech

We worked closely with the founder and creator of the healthtech brand Burble to establish a brand strategy highlighting innovation and the unique approach of their solution. We identified target audiences, defined key messaging and brand positioning, and established brand values, mission and vision.

We developed a tone of voice that balanced professionalism, authority, and approachability. The tone of voice catered to wellness-focused individuals, patients, and healthcare professionals, creating trust and familiarity with the brand.

We crafted brand narratives that emphasized the emotional aspect of healthcare communication. By utilising inclusive language and emotionally aware copywriting, we aimed to connect with the audience on a human level and foster empathy and understanding.

Our brand narrative, tone of voice, and copywriting strategies successfully communicated the unique brand positioning and the benefits of a new daily wellness habit. By focusing on emotional awareness, inclusive language, and engaging storytelling, we were able to connect with the target audience and address their needs and concerns effectively.

At Shimeji Creatives, we take pride in crafting purpose-driven brand narratives and effective communication strategies. Through our passion for persuasive storytelling, we strive to engage and activate audiences and support brands aligned with innovative and impactful values.

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Brand Storytelling for Healthcare
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From crafting engaging stories to developing a distinctive tone of voice, our holistic approach ensures our work aligns with your values and resonates with your target audience. 

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