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Branding Disruptive Agri-Tech Vision

brochure design concept agritech freezem


Founded in 2017 by three PhDs from the Weizmann Institute, FreezeM is an award-winning agri-tech startup creating scientific technological solutions to feed the future of a growing human population.

A series of remarkable achievements, including the EU Horizon research and innovation grant to tackle climate change, confirm the disruptive nature of the startup as they approached us to create an innovative investor brochure.

“How can we make insect farming viable on an industrial scale and stable year-round?” was the question the founders of FreezeM asked themselves when they first explored solutions for new sustainable sources of protein in 2017.

FreezeM tasked us to bring investors on the journey, persuading them to believe in science-based radical thinking.




Art Direction / Brand Strategy

Pitch Deck Design / Copywriting


Freezem / AgriTech 

Designing the future

As brands like FreezeM present solutions to tackle the urgent needs of the planet, impact investors seek to generate financial returns while also creating a positive social or environmental impact.


The FreezeM investor brochure had to highlight market opportunities and disruptive potential while engaging an audience with a finite scientific knowledge about insect farming and the black soldier fly.

The need to bring an audience on the journey unites all brands on their vital road to becoming truly sustainable, or regenerative. Building trust is the foundation for investors and customers alike to embrace change and adapt behaviour.

The brochure design concept presents science as the brand’s competitive edge. Layout elements, including the folded hardcover and overlaying transparent pages, recreate the scientific journey of discovery.

Design for purpose

At Shimeji Creatives we carefully balanced brand values, audience needs and business demands for FreezeM.The visual brand narrative had to speak to the startup’s level of innovation and science, as well as its impact on a sustainable future for planet Earth.


The brochure featured hidden layers to reveal new meaning and enhance the audience’s understanding. Every new layer adds a level of impact as the brand’sscientific breakthrough is revealed.


Our brand narrative presented the perspective of a brand that was adapting scientific innovation and technology to solve urgent needs.

freezem investors brochure
brochure design concept agritech. freezem
Our Creative Services
Design for purpose 

As a creative agency for purpose-driven brands, we support brands aligned in valueswith innovative design concepts. 

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