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Reframing Fashion Inclusivity

illustration fashion diversity inclusion


IMAG Fashion Consulting is a London-based startup focused on the production and operational side of the fashion industry. Released in 2020, the new visual brand narrative relaunched the brand as standout and diversity owned in a traditional sector of the economy.

Bold, diverse, ambitious and sublime.

The IMAG visual narrative showcases forward-thinking professionalism and unwavering expertise.


The visual and written brand narrative boosts trust in IMAG as a business, which thinks like a startup while operating like a seasoned industry player. The project deliverables, from banner illustrations to service icons, formed a new visual brand language for all aspects of brand communication.


2019 / 2020


Brand Strategy


Art Direction


Branding / Brand System


IMAG | Fashion Consultant

Art Direction

Navigating the state of the fashion industry amid consumer shifts and the operational challenges of the global economy needs a steadfast vision and reliable experience. Knowing how to communicate the stated vision and experience mandated an extensive exploration of the brand's DNA.


As we kickstarted the project with a dedicated brand strategy workshop, we explored business and brand goals with the founder. The outcomes and research launched the creative process and inspired the brand story concept.


The visual narrative for IMAG Fashion Consulting had to convey business and brand goals as the brand story concept and rebranding process are defined. Collaboration and research launched the creative process and inspired the brand story concept.The visual brand story is designed to emphasize the founder's diverse background in brand image, brand language and to highlight the brand's mission to make the fashion industry more open and inclusive.

When we were tasked with reimaging the visual language of the brand, the brand was visually presented by a logo and a selection of stock images that inadequately represented the brand in vision and authenticity.

illustration fashion diversity inclusion

Inclusive Narratives

Along with communicating the pioneering nature of the brand's innovation in a traditional industry, the brand story prominently features diverse representation. The art direction of the new brand aesthetic brings together the diverse background of the brand's female founder with a strategic look and feel featuring visual fashion industry components.

Central to communicating the brand narrative was the development of a set of brand hero images, providing the essence for dynamic visual storytelling.


The distinctive mixed media illustration concepts explore a matured vision of the brand. A combination of photography, and illustration presented a unique brand perspective and interpretation in every artwork.


The editorial project, created in parallel with the visual aspects of the brand narrative, conveys key aspects of the brand's vision and story in copywriting and tone of voice to complete the brand's new narrative.

At Shimeji Creatives, we carefully balance brand values, audience needs and business demands to reimagine brands. Innovative and aspirational, the new brand language inspires trust and creates a bold impact statement in a traditional industry.

illustration fashion diversity inclusion
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