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Transforming Online Learning Experiences through Innovative Course Design

URBAN MBA online learning

Committed to delivering impact and outcomes, we make effective use of the online course medium in all its formats to keep audiences engaged.

We have worked closely with Urban MBA founder Kofi Oppong and the team to create an online course programme with the potential to impact youth globally while engaging audiences of all ages.

In the UK alone close to 700,000 young people, which is about 10% of the population between the age of 16 to 24, are currently not in education, employment or training (NEET). The vision of Urban MBA is to create a world where no young person is lost or left aside. It is no surprise that the current educational environment leaves many young people disengaged.


As we navigate the challenge of transferring a proven classroom experience into an online course, the goal was to go beyond simply moving the classroom experience online and instead create an engaging 360 online learning programme for Urban MBA.


Urban MBA’s unique learning style built around the awareness of an 8-second filter has kickstarted the careers of an exemplary group of entrepreneurs and young adults in employment.

Online courses rely on a clear tone of voice and need to speak the students’ language.

For UrbanMBA we modeled the course on the personality of the instructor and on an already established and successful curriculum.

We nurture accountability and continually aim at high completion rates.


Registered UK charity Urban MBA commissioned Shimeji Creatives to design and develop their award-winning entrepreneurship programme as an internationally available online course.

Shimeji Creatives created a comprehensive online learning experience by adapting the proprietary and trademarked Urban MBA blended learning style that mixes pop culture and storytelling as well as life skills and vocational skills.

Whether you would like to design an online course around a classroom training programme like Urban MBA or are interested in creating an educational experience built around your expertise or for brand promotion, our proprietary methodology ensures successful outcomes.




Online Course Design


Creative Direction


Educational Design

Whether you would like to design an online training around a personality, professional training certificate or classroom training programme, our validated process ensures long-lived success. 


Our team and creative director may offer technical consultations for video shoots, from identifying the right frame and establishing a look and feel of the videos, to training speakers in content delivery.

Our psychological consultant may provide behavioural analysis and audience metrics to aid in course development.

We have designed online courses and developed narrative frameworks based on books, podcasts, videos of classroom training, course handbooks and workbooks, market research, teacher notes.

Online courses do not need to depend on videos alone.

We often develop ad-hoc training material from online workbooks to digital quizzes and more.

Educational Design

online learning course design
Our Creative Narrative Services
Online Course Design 
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At Shimeji Creatives, we have the experience and skills to design online training courses which serve your prospective students and lead them on the road to success.

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URBAN MBA online learning
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