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Ethical Prosperity Narrative:
Inspiring Conscious Choices

zola collective narrative content


The Zola Collective is on a mission to support African farmers and entrepreneurs through a global online marketplace. By empowering people on the continent to sell their natural and ethical products to customers worldwide the brand builds long-term prosperity in local communities. 

The brand needed a company narrative that would rally new partners to join and inspire customers to purchase. The founders believe that a better trade model and conscious consumer choices improve lives and livelihoods. 


Sustainable and ethical working practices change the future of trade and the future of the African continent. 




Brand Narrative


Brand Copywriting 


Website Copywriting


Zola Collective

zola collective narrative strategy

Our conversation with the female founders who grew up in Africa, highlighted their vision of empowering African women and leading the way in sustainable and ethical trade.

Sustainable, ethical, natural products for conscious consumers on the one hand - and a fair wages and a prosperous trade model on the other.


We approached the brand narrative with a deep understanding of the founder's vision. 

The core of the project reflects the values of the Zola Collective while highlighting conscious moments for prospective customers. From brand slogans to website copywriting - better choices are the driving force behind conscious consumer narratives.

With every conscious purchase of a Zola Collective product, customers draw positive benefits for their health and well-being - and create a beneficial impact in the communities that made the product. 


Business with purpose brings prosperity to everyone involved.

The Circle of Benefit

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