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Campaign Strategy for Tattoo Publishing House 

kintaro publishing marketing campaign italy tour poster


Founded in 2011, Kintaro Publishing is a renowned publisher dedicated to capturing the world of tattoos in print. The proudly independent art publisher and printmaker spotlights the remarkable creativity and diversity in tattoo art.

A counter culture exploration of the eleven stops on the Italy tour formed the narrative thread of our campaign copywriting. From sailor tattoos in Genua, to the 61 tattoos of the 5300-Year-Old “Iceman” in Bolzano, Italy’s cities creates a narrative linked with the local artists at the heart of the tour.

Shimeji Creatives led the Kintator Italy Tour Brand Campaign, directing its narrative from conception to execution. Our responsibilities included the copywriting of the Campaign Landing page, devising a comprehensive content strategy for the Social Media Campaign, and curating captivating copy for various social media posts as well as the Campaign Newsletters.

The Kintaro Italy Tour in September of 2021 marked a return to the road inspired by the spirit of connection in the tattoo community. 




Campaign Strategy


Brand Copywriting


Social Media Copywriting


Campaign Copywriting 


The spirit of independence and the counterculture roots of tattoo art serve as a notable entry point for our extensive research and cultural exploration. Every stop on the tour becomes an opportunity to narrate local counterculture and introduce tattoo history in its connection to space and time. 

The tone of voice of the campaign represents the ethos of the brand and highlights the strong sense of community in tattooing as the motivation behind the tour. 

The radical freedom outside of societal norms provides room for the free-spirited to do it their way. Elevating the work of tattoo artists to published works of art is a brave new idea. 


The goal fo the brand and campaign narrative was to engage a multitude of artists and fans, all distinct in their art and style. 

A celebration of diversity and culture focused on the people at the heart of the community: the independent tattoo artists and studios, and the publishing brand that celebrates their art. 

Brave new ideas are often born at the margins before they enter the mainstream culture. 


From the history of soldier tattoos in ancient Rome to the contemporary creative scene in Milan every city has a story to tell as we explored the historical connections and the influence of tattoo artists in contemporary art.  

The first conversation with the brand founder launched a collaboration that extended from the initial campaign to include the launch of two new artists. By elevating the art of tattooing in high-quality print, Kintaro connects the energy of a new generation of artists with the tradition of tattoo pioneers. 


Our campaign narrative presented the perspective of a brand that was welcomed in this world with open arms and gratitude. 


The tour was about reconnecting with old friends and expanding the circle.

All rebels welcome.

The Intersection of Art and Counterculture 

From Subculture to Pop Culture and Art

kintaro publishing marketing campaign italy tour poster
kintaro publishing tour
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