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Design for Change: Empowering Women Through Education and Digital Skills

Updated: Jun 18

Illustrations for a Transformative Advertising Campaign

Education brings opportunity.

The poster campaign for Digital Women aimed to ignite a spark of opportunity for women in the Emilia Romagna region. When we were tasked with promoting Digital Women's educational programs, we knew we needed to create a campaign that would resonate beyond the confines of digital access.

True empowerment starts by meeting people where they are – and for many that meant meeting them face-to-face on their commute, in their neighborhoods and throughout their daily routines. 

illustration digital women

Bold Design inspires Change

Education can be a catalyst for change at any age.

"Chi si forma, non si ferma" "Those who continue learning, won't stop"

Supported by the slogan. we developed a bold, visually striking poster campaign.

The messaging served as a rallying cry, inviting women to take the first step towards personal and professional development.

Our strategy went beyond just conveying information. We wanted to craft a narrative that would inspire action – one that would tap into the innate power of education to transform lives. 

Out-Of-Home Advertising drives Social Impact

The power of out-of-home advertising is undeniable when it comes to driving social impact.

Large-scale posters strategically placed in high-traffic areas can captivate audiences and inspire action. By leveraging this medium, we were able to extend the reach of the Digital Women initiative, ensuring that the message of opportunity and personal transformation reached far and wide. 

illustration inclusivity

Illustrations for inclusivity and representation

Through the use of vibrant illustrations that represented a wide range of women, we created a sense of warmth, inclusivity, and approachability that resonated with the diverse women of the Emilia Romagna region. By moving away from stock imagery and embracing a more personalised visual approach, the campaign established a connection with the target audience that felt genuine and relatable. 

The impact of adult education

Supported by the European Social Fund (ESF) – the EU's premier tool for promoting employment and social inclusion – Digital Women's educational programs aim to equip participants with the digital skills needed to thrive in the workforce.

In a country where women have historically faced significant barriers to employment, initiatives like this are crucial. As the campaign rolled out across the region, we saw the power of out-of-home advertising combined with a targeted promotional campaign to captivate audiences and inspire them to take the leap and unlock new opportunities through education.

At Shimeji Creatives, we believe that the power of design lies in its ability to inspire change. By crafting a campaign that spoke to the hearts and minds of the target audience, we were able to contribute to a movement that is empowering women and shaping a more equitable future. 

Design for Change : Our Strategy Services

At Shimeji Creatives, we work with brands and organisations to develop and deliver campaigns from concept to launch.  Our campaign narratives are built on words and visuals that encourage action and inspire change.

Project Campaign: Digital Women

Services: Art Direction, Educational Design, Print Campaign  Client: Digital Women

Year: 2021


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