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Eco-Consciousness Crowdfunding: Environmental Storytelling for a Successful Campaign

Updated: Jun 17

Strategies for Authentic and Engaging Environmental Storytelling that Resonate with Backers

Environmental Storytelling for purpose-driven startups and sustainable brands can be a compelling instrument to communicate a story of impact. Crowdfunding campaigns need more than an idea to succeed.

Raising money from the crowd relies on a narrative that inspires.

Sustainable brands are progressively turning to both product and equity crowdfunding initiatives as a means to foster a community, share their narrative, secure financing, and advance their business endeavours.

Environmental Storytelling a lady analyzed  the ocean for plastics

Environmental Storytelling Elements

A crowdfunding campaign includes several critical elements, each playing an essential role in narrating the brand's journey and mission. The campaign page presents the product or project at the heart of any crowdfunding campaign.

In a recent product crowdfunding project for a Sustainable Linen Brand, we worked with the founding team to unearth the brand's story and the inspiration that fueled its inception.

Sustainability often begins with a personal revelation

Every cotton sheet manufactured today needs 10,000 litres of water solely for cultivation and production. The environmental impact doesn't stop there; each laundry load adds another 70 litres. It was this startling revelation that drove the brand's commitment to change. Our narrative, from campaign story to video script, highlighted the sustainable sourcing of TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers and the antibacterial properties of silver yarn, resulting in a recipe for better sleep and a considerably reduced environmental footprint.

TENCEL™ is today used by fashion and home textile brands around the world, becoming a brand in its own right, especially in the mind of the conscious consumer searching for sustainable environmental alternatives.

It's a story of innovation meeting eco-consciousness, where comfort and sustainability coexist harmoniously.

For sustainable brands, the very essence of their commitment to environmental and social responsibility will speak as a solution to real-world problems.

In the product and project section brands can communicate how their innovation contributes to a more sustainable future, inspiring backers to become stakeholders in the journey.

The team section presents the team behind a sustainable brand and its commitment to change and innovation. In crowdfunding campaigns, the team section serves as a window into the people driving the project forward. The team section is an opportunity to showcase the individuals who breathe life into the brand's sustainability mission.

Backers not only invest in a product - but foremost in the people.

Images are the visual storytellers of a crowdfunding campaign. They encapsulate the essence of the brand's sustainability narrative.

TENCEL™ is a registered trademark of Lenzing Aktiengesellschaft.

Certified B Corporation Patagonia, for example, has been working with Lenzing since 2003 and uses TENCEL™ in their products. 86% of Patagonia’s overall carbon impact is generated by the materials used, making textiles like TENCEL™ key elements to reducing the fashion industry's impact on the planet.

From product visuals to snapshots of the team in action, images evoke emotions and provide backers with a tangible connection to the brand's mission, serving as a visual anchor, reinforcing the story's impact and making it relatable and memorable. These environmental storytelling elements within crowdfunding campaigns are the vessels through which sustainable brands convey their dedication to positive change. They represent the people, the purpose, and the promise behind these brands, ultimately uniting a community of backers who share the vision for a more sustainable and equitable world.

Sustainable solutions resonate most with a community of conscious consumers.

In crafting our environmental storytelling, we ensured it spoke their language while remaining true to the brand's unique tone of voice, balancing authenticity and relatability.

At Shimeji Creatives, we don't just write narratives; we craft stories that align with the values of sustainable brands. Our approach is backed by meticulous research, thoughtful strategy, and a wealth of storytelling experience. We understand with crowdfunding, a powerful narrative can turn a vision into a reality and a sustainable brand into a movement.

At Shimeji Creatives, we work with organisations, startups and companies aspiring to communicate their journey towards a more sustainable and ethical brand. Innovation may be sweeping or achieved one step at a time.

Together we can deliver a better future for brands and stakeholders, from customer to employee.

Our services range from consultation, workshops to impact campaigns.

Our Strategy Services: Environmental Storytelling

At Shimeji Creatives, we inform strategy and the language to communicate change. No matter where your brand is on the journey, driving change is often a series of strategic decisions.

Project Campaign: Fibers of Innovation

Services: Environmental Storytelling, Sustainability Narrative, Campaign Copywriting Client: Sustainable Bedding Brand

Year: 2020

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