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Healthcare Copywriting: Destigmatizing Mental Health for Communities of Colour

Updated: Jun 14

Brand Strategy & Copywriting for Pioneering Healthcare Startup

The World Health Organization reports that over 450 million people globally are suffering from a mental health condition. As the public perception around mental health has evolved for the better, the stigma sadly remains prevalent in many communities. 


Shimeji Creatives was approached by a US-based healthcare startup to work on their brand strategy and brand copywriting. The founder recognized in her practice and through experience how misconceptions, barriers, and stigma surrounding mental health are affecting communities of colour.

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Cultural Competence in Healthcare

Minds IHealth Solutions is on a mission to advance health equity and address mental health disparities among underserved groups through community-based initiatives and treatments, including psychedelic medicine. 


The founders mandated the brand communication and copywriting to be approachable, culturally informed and insightful.


Fuelled by extensive research, Shimeji Creatives developed culturally attuned language and communication for the brand. We recognised that a lack of inclusion in visual and written narratives largely excluded marginalised communities from the conversation. 

healthcare copywriting black woman wellness mental health

Healthcare Copywriting: Between Tech and Inclusivity

Our team has studied the competitive landscape in the US and Europe and conducted extensive research into the mental health sector. Our clients were focused on educational projects, evidence based therapeutic healthcare solutions as well as technological solutions.


The success of startups like Calm and Headspace has moved the conversation around mental well-being being an intrinsic part of a person's overall well-being forward. 

Minds IHealth Solutions focuses specifically on streamlining the process of psychotherapy and targets audiences from underrepresented backgrounds. The feelings of trust and belonging centred the brand narrative. 

Inclusive Language in Healthcare Copywriting

Our holistic approach and collaborative processes are transformative for brands.

At Shimeji Creatives, we recognise the importance of words and symbols as the foundation for a strong connection between brand and audience.


Conscious of the importance of delivering brand narratives across all platforms, we provide brands with powerful tools to ensure a positive impact and drive change. 

We created the brand tone of voice, user personas, defined the brand vision and designed the brand narrativies and the copywriting.

Brand Narrative Strategies for Inclusive Brands

At Shimeji Creatives we work with startups and established brands on brand strategies and brand copywriting. We have established and streamlined a proprietary methodology to be integrated with a tailored client experience. 

We create imaginative bridges between the founder's vision and the audience's perception. Informed by research and built on skilled expertise - every brand and project is unique. 

From the early stages of brand naming and brand design to pitch decks and launch strategies, we help brands to engage audiences and stakeholders with purpose.


Project Name: Healthcare Inclusivity

Services: Brand Strategy, Brand Narrative, Copywriting, Content Strategy 

Client: Minds IHealth Solutions

Year: 2021


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