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Redefining a SaaS Content Marketing Strategy: A Brand Narrative for Emerging Audiences

Updated: Apr 23

A Strategic Framework for Aligning Content, Positioning, and Channels to Captivate New Markets

At Shimeji Creatives, we work with clients at every growth stage of their business venture. We may be asked to take the reins of projects and campaigns from previous agency collaborations, which did not meet expectations.

This was the case for our collaboration with a SaaS startup in pressing need of a realignment. When jumping in with a project which is not at the beginning stages, it is crucial to maintain a fresh set of eyes and minds.

Our in-depth research process includes an evaluation of all past material to identify quick fixes and long-term resets. 

illustration saas brand audit

Brand Audit Qualitative Interviews

One to one interviews with the presumed target audience showed they would not be likely to adopt the client's product solution, due to a lack of technical and structural prerequisites.

Auditing and optimisation of the brand presence are essential to every project already in progress.

We went back to the drawing board and identified and validated the brand's user personas and target audience.

A profound understanding of user needs and pain-points is foundational to a successful growth marketing and content strategy. Every brand needs a consistent online and offline presence and well established tone of voice.

The Brand shall speak as One Voice

illustration saas content strategy

When it is time to prepare the launch of your SaaS product and go to market in a specific region, think local.


Localisation starts on the ground and

is about more than language. It requires awareness of culture, values and lifestyle for your target audience.

When the SaaS startup approached us to prepare the brand for launch in their first target market, the DACH region, we evaluated all materials and developed a localised marketing strategy, moving away from the approach of their former agency.

Saas Content Marketing

At Shimeji Creatives, extensive research and strategy sessions initiate every client collaboration. The process may confirm or disprove expectations about strategy and audience, especially for a localised launch.

illustration saas brand audit

Speaking the customer's language is foundational for a SaaS Brand at every touch-point with the consumer, from promotional engagement to product interaction, from email marketing to long-form content.

We built a consistent brand presence across all channels, from YouTube to LinkedIn, presenting value in content. All brand materials inclusive of the onboarding wizard and guidebooks are not just reviewed, but localised.

Saas Strategy & Content Marketing Services

At Shimeji Creatives, we bring together problem-solving SaaS brands with an audience in need of a better process and solution. Our framework is to create strategy that ignites growth based on research and experience.

We find the right people to engage, inform and get onboard.

Project Name: Saas Growth

Services: Growth Marketing, Pre-launch Optimisation, Content Strategy, Brand Localisation

Client: Explorify

Year: 2020/2001


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