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Strategies for Designing Engaging and Inclusive Online Learning Experiences

Updated: Apr 23

Empowering Knowledge Sharing Through Innovative Course Design

Online courses and educational video content are significant contributors to the digital learning space - as it is the opportunity to create a course and play a role in the future of education.

For years it has been said that access to the world wide web would offer humanity the possibility to explore infinite knowledge and ideas. Meanwhile, rising Internet access across the globe is expected to scale a growing E-Learning market from $315 billion in 2021 to $1 trillion by 2028.

At Shimeji Creatives we work with individuals, brands and organisations on online educational narratives and strategies balancing brand values, audience needs and market opportunity.

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Bring on the Revolution

As we take an in-depth look at the dynamics of knowledge and empowerment, the online space persists in leveling the playing field for students and creators. When centred around the vision of a clear educational concept, online education can take on a myriad of formats and merge into a thrilling game of education and engagement.

Crafting online learning experiences presents an avenue for storytelling within the realms of education and entertainment - whether the starting point for the course is a course manual, a podcast, a series of books, personal expert knowledge or proprietary classroom training.

Access and Equality in the Digital World

Is your educational vision foregrounding the real opportunities in sharing knowledge and experiences online? With a clear statement of intent, your next step in online education can shake up what has come before and take things a step further.

Classroom training, for example, must be reshaped and reimagined to work with full autonomy. Simply reciting and recording the materials will not achieve the same results. Online education needs intelligently examining audience and student needs beyond learning outcomes.

At Shimeji Creative we envision online education as part of a broader mission to increase access to knowledge and equality .

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As new opportunities continue to emerge in online education, for individuals, organisations, teachers and brands, our approach supports the authenticity of long-term knowledge sharing founded on the empowerment of creators and audience.

At Shimeji Creatives we identify transformative narrative strategies from concept to outline, script, creative direction and community building. Individually tailored to content and personality, we design and build formats and experiences of educational storytelling in the digital space.

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Transformative Online Learning Services

Individually crafted we turn online learning into a comprehensive and engaging experience built around a concept and vision with a positive impact on the future. As a creative agency for purpose-driven brands, we support creators and organisations aligned in values with innovative educational design and storytelling. ​Launching the next steps on your journey begins with a conversation.


Our Creative Services

Brand Storytelling for Video

From designing video courses for non-profit organisations, writing educational video content for brands and building online learning experiences aimed at reskilling for the future of work, we have worked on all aspects of online education.


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