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Climate and Sustainability
Communication Campaign

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Emissions from Cooling will account for more than 10 per cent of global emissions by 2050 - double the current rate - highlighting a critical need for sustainable solutions. Cooling equipment also accounts for 20 per cent of total electricity consumption, and demand is expected to double.


Our client, a global market leader, with an 80-year history of product innovation focused on maximising efficiency and reducing energy use - approached us to develop their Sustainability Campaign, targeting internal and external Stakeholders.

The objective of the Sustainability Campaign was to engage audiences around the sustainability report and the company commitments, simultaneously improving external comprehension of their comprehensive sustainability platform, covering products, partnerships, operations, and industry leadership.

We helped the company connect their long-standing tradition of Sustainable Innovation in Cooling Engineering and Design with its journey towards reduced energy use and emissions.




Brand Campaign  Narratives

Video Storytelling



Shimeji Creatives helped the company articulate their cooling sustainability manifesto via clear and engaging messaging, creative concepts and strategic communications. We developed first the core messaging pillars, then four dedicated landing pages along with a series of video scripts and accompanying resources to support the Marketing Team with their ongoing stakeholder engagement.


The Sustainability Campaign conveyed the "Sustainability in Innovation" messaging through diverse content formats including video for full integrated impact. The Sustainability campaign landing pages provide an overview of the company's comprehensive commitments and vision for eco-friendly cooling.

We presented the brand's unwavering commitment to sustainable product design and the implementation of eco-friendly cooling solutions. In a future-facing tone, the company's emphasis on innovation, responsibility, and environmental leadership.


Our messaging communicates sustainability as a shared journey, highlighting the necessity of collaborative efforts to achieve common environmental goals. The content underscores the company's capability to support the growth of its partners while aligning with conservation needs, illustrating the company's commitment to a sustainable future. 

A Leading By Example Narrative strikes a balance, between showcasing current progress and setting ambitious goals for future improvement. Our messaging conveys the company's commitment to "walking the walk" by providing tangible evidence of sustainability gains. We engage clients by demonstrating that sustainable practices are not only attainable at scale now - but also emphasize the market leader's continuous pursuit of ever-higher standards, encouraging a shared commitment to environmental responsibility.


Through our integrated Sustainability Campaign spanning messaging, creative concepts and multi-channel content, we helped our global industry-leading client effectively communicate their comprehensive sustainability commitments to both internal and external stakeholders.

We actively engage stakeholders by framing leadership as a position of influence and an obligation to catalyse collective action for the greater environmental good, fostering a sense of shared responsibility within the industry.


By conveying their dedication through an authentic tone grounded in decades of efficient innovation, while also envisioning future collective possibility, the campaign underscores sustainability as a shared journey requiring collaboration between the company and its partners. Early reception by stakeholders indicates increased comprehension of and engagement with our client's sustainability platform.

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Our Art Direction Services
Narratives for Sustainability 

As a creative agency for purpose-driven brands, we support brands aligned in values with innovative design concepts. 

Launching your campaign narratives starts with a conversation

Leading the Conversation
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