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Brand Stories

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Our Focus Areas

We bring our expertise to multiple sectors, developing the industry's future and redefining what is possible, one project at a time.


Brand Strategy

A well-defined brand strategy guides new and changing brands toward the future. We combine data and expert insights to position your brand to establish an emotional connection with your audience.


Every brand interaction shapes the brand experience of your audience. From meeting your brand in the real world to online brand experiences - thoughts, feelings and perceptions matter. 


We become a true partner, continuing to evolve your brand as your business grows and markets change

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Brand Design & Art Direction

Our strategic Brand Design is grounded in a deep understanding of art, aesthetics and visual storytelling.


Our team includes not just graphic designers, but artists, photographers, illustrators and art directors with years of experience applying the principles of art and design.


This allows us to craft brand identities and creative campaigns that are visually compelling, evoke emotion and convey meaning in a powerful way.

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Creative Narratives & Copywriting 

Our team of talented narrative writers and copywriters dive into your business to understand its heritage, unique value, and vision for the future. Through research and in-depth interviews, we uncover the authentic human stories that build an emotional connection with your audience.


Leveraging the brand strategy and insights, we craft compelling narratives and copywriting across mediums and platforms. From manifestos and mission statements to website content, advertisements, video storytelling and social media campaigns, our creative approach helps you tell your story, express your brand values, and engage your audience in an impactful way.

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Strategy. Narratives. Design.

for positive change


We do right by humans
and the planet.

Shimeji Creatives is a creative and strategy agency for impact-driven businesses, organisations, and changemakers

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What We Provide 


Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is the blueprint that directs how a company expresses its identity, promises, and voice to the world. It crystallizes the core essence of the brand, fusing business objectives with authentic values that resonate emotionally.  It is a key part of shaping how a company presents itself to customers. 


Brand Narrative

Brand Narrative helps companies craft their brand story and articulate their purpose, values, and personality. Brand Narrative services assist in developing compelling narratives across touch points like websites, campaigns, products, and more. 


Brand Identity

A deftly conceived visual identity transcends mere graphics, embodying the brand's spirit in a manner that captivates and distinguishes. When this vital expression aligns with the deeper brand strategy, it catalyzes an iconic presence that both anchors the brand and propels it to thrive.



Copywriting services empower brands to unearth their distinctive voice and compose messaging that captivates audiences. From evocative headlines to persuasive calls-to-action, masterful copywriting translates the brand's essence into a resonant narrative arc that fosters connection, cultivates desire, and propels audiences along their journey. 


Creative Marketing 

Creative Marketing generates innovative ideas to connect brands with consumers. It goes beyond traditional tactics to devise imaginative, memorable approaches. Creative Marketing services help brands stand out from competitors and make an impact. Creative thinking is key for cutting through the noise in today's crowded marketplace.

Latest Projects

african woman empowerment

The Zola Collective is on a mission to support African farmers and entrepreneurs through a global online marketplace. By empowering people on the continent to sell their natural and ethical products to customers worldwide the brand builds long-term prosperity in local communities. 


Impact Driven.
Future Inspired.

We work with our clients on bespoke solutions
informed by the talent and expertise of our team.

Our team of creatives is aligned by the purpose
to help our clients deliver real-world change.

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