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Brand Naming and Design for CBD 

As a startup innovating in the Green Tech Space related to the agricultural commodity hemp, the team at Monophases approached us to build a new cannabis consumer brand from the ground up.


Our creative team has observed the journey of CBD and the cannabis market evolve from illegitimate to appearing on the shelves of Boots and Selfridges.

Cannabis today is no longer perceived as counterculture but rather part of a growing wellness market. 


Brand Naming


Art Direction






happygogood brand guidelines_Pagina_5.jpg

An evocative name emotionally inspired 

Creating a brand name can be one of the most challenging aspects of developing a brand from scratch. At Shimeji Creatives, we have designed

a proprietary brand naming workshop built on a collaborative approach and a concept first strategy.


Our experienced team of multidisciplinary creatives will bring their cultural insights and extensive research to the workshop session to create a name that is truly unique and speaks to the founder's intentions. 

Happygogood was inspired by the feeling of happiness and carefree ease connected to cannabis.


The brand tone of voice conveys an enlightened sense of wellbeing. The result is an upbeat name with an available .com domain that is truly unique. 

A modern and aspirational brand aesthetic

Gone are the light green 90s ganja leaves of the past. Today's brands, like happygogood, are part

of a new aesthetic in cannabis branding.


The brand design concept focused on minimalistic and casual elegance with lively undertones. 

The artistic direction presented strong colours and evocative wellness tones for logo and identity and extends those design nuances to the entire brand system, including product packaging and exhibition design.

Hemp is circular in nature and every happygogood product is sustainably sourced and free of pesticides and toxic chemicals. 

Our team created an experiential box concept for promotional purposes to be sent to the upmarket retailers and influencers. 


Branding for the Circular Economy

At Shimeji Creatives, we advise businesses and brands on sustainable options for all aspects of the brand system. From low-impact printing to sustainable packaging, we help brands lower their ecological footprint every step of the way. 


The project deliverables included all elements of branding required for a direct-to-consumer brand - from visual identity to brand packaging, the visual direction for the brand website, exhibition design, and a gift box concept. 

High-quality products need attention to detail, precision, craft, and skill - and a brand delivering the visual impact of a quality narrative.

happygogood brand guidelines_Pagina_4.jpg
POST CARD -3_edited.jpg

Brand Naming & Visual Narrative

The happygogood branding speaks to the quality narrative with a clean aesthetic on the edge of simplicity.

Every graphic element is placed with care and a minimalist approach guides the design process.

Evocative and upbeat. An exemplary startup brand name builds a bridge between founders and customers.


Interested to find out more about how we name and shape brands?

Developing a brand name and brand system always start with a conversation. 

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