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Crowdfunding Video Storytelling

Award-winning Hong Kong based design studio PONG Product Design

approached us to write the video script for their Kickstarter crowdfunding

campaign and deliver it as part of their campaign launch strategy.

The Kickstarter campaign successfully raised 155,924 HK$ from 367 backers

in 2019, exceeding the campaign target as well as client expectations.



Video Scriptwriting


Creative Direction




Smart Design for Tea

PONG Product Design required a voice-over video script for existing Oh! T™ video materials. Our editorial team researched the brand, product, and market.

How we developed the visual narrative

We work with a global clientele, creating trust with their audiences. Local understanding fosters a more relevant conversation between brand and consumer. We developed the campaign narrative into a successful voice-over script for the crowdfunding campaign.

We also support brands entering new markets in building their cultural framework and audience relationship.

The crowdfunding video script highlighted what made Oh! T™ exceptional and worthy of funding from the crowd.

We hold sincere respect for language and the cultural nuances of design and product. At Shimeji Creatives, we are conscious of the profound need for authentic audience understanding.

As experienced promo scriptwriters for crowdfunding campaigns across the most popular platforms including Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and GoFundMe we know the ins and outs of a good crowdfunding video.

We also advise clients on the creative direction of the video and the right voice over artist.

Design Projects like Oh! T™, the Smart Tea Infuser only have a 38.96% success rate on Kickstarter.

With an average of 400 projects active in the

Design Category at any given time, standing out and getting funded is a challenge.

The crowdfunding campaign for Oh! T™ not only hit the campaign goal but overfunded by 130%, showcasing how well-designed products combined with a beautifully executed campaign can still beat the odds.


Crowdfunding videos are essential to any successful campaign, especially on a popular platform like Kickstarter, where the video is front and centre of the page and needs to grab the attention of 46 million unique visitors per month, 20 million of which are active users and often serial backers.

product design kickstarter campaign

Empower your Crowdfunding

Engage with a Quality Video

At Shimeji Creatives, we work with our clients to write crowdfunding video scripts that hit the right tone, engage the audience and call to action.

We develop brand narratives and video scripts to support ideas and promote innovation.

Ready to engage your audience with video?

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