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Shimeji Creatives Production Services 

At Shimeji Creatives we produce online courses and e-learning experiences for businesses and brands. 98% of companies are planning to incorporate e-learning in their corporate training solutions, and impact-driven brands increasingly use educational content to empower their audiences.


Our production services offer the development of high-quality e-learning experiences, from project planning to e-learning design, online course scriptwriting, professional photography and video production, launch strategy and online course marketing. 

Online Course Production 

Online courses and e-learning experiences rely on a strategic production process from idea to launch.

Online course format and function may differ depending on the audiences and desired outcomes, however, every e-learning experience is best served by creative and strategic capabilities like ours at every step of the way.


Professional online course production with Shimeji Creatives is a tailored process that takes advantage of how technology and audience needs are revolutionizing teaching and learning. Our professional production services operate globally and we take your online course and e-learning programme from concept to reality.

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Corporate E-Learning 

E-learning can be an exceptional medium for your business, brand and organization.

Our corporate e-learning production services support businesses that want to provide their employees with an engaging way to learn effectively.

Companies choosing eLearning over traditional training methods achieve on average 26% higher revenues generated per employee. Whether your goal is to engage your employees with e-learning or grow your brand with educational content, our exceptionally high production value from course design to scriptwriting, photography and video production engages, entertains and activates audiences. 

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